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Release Notes | 02-22-2021

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Greetings Troopers!
Ready for an epic battle? DarkRO Siege Wars is here!

Our server just keeps getting better and better so we thank you all for the support

On this patch, certain features from Ideas and Suggestions have been implemented,

Added changes and updates as well as some bug fixes

Here are the list of updated logs



  • Rotated Donation Manager's headgears - type @npc donate
  • Rotated Event Manager's headgears - type @npc eventmanager
  • Rotated Streamer NPC headgears - type @npc stream
  • Updated WoE and KoE shops - type @npc guildmanager
    • Convertible into costume
  • Donation Manager Promo enabled until March 01, 2021 server time - click this LINK for more information
  • Next Lotti Girl NPC will be visiting us next February 26, 2020 Friday at 10:00 and 22:00
    • Added Rune of Power for legendary prize
    • Updated Darth Vader, Sith Hood and Jedi Hood effects increased
      • Jedi and Sith Hood Critical bonus increased from 10 to 25%
      • Darth Vader now gives +20 Dex and negative elemental effects
  • Bubble Gum and HE Bubble Gum are now enabled in LHZ and Thanatos Maps
  • Reverted LHZ Monster Stats to Original - HP
  • [GOTM] DarkRO: Siege Wars enabled February 24, 2021 until March 10, 2021
    • Disabled Box of Sunlight on GvG during Siege Wars (GOTM)
    • Guild cap changed to 30 during Siege Wars (GOTM)
    • Click this LINK for more DarkRO Siege Wars information
  • Updated same stat up food buff will not stack up
  • Updated Land Protector can now block Ninja's Lightning Jolt and Snow Flake Draft
  • Modified Jedi's Force Gale and Sith's Force Storm into the same effect as Wizard's Lord of Vermillion
  • Updated/Added Token Hunter Quest requirements:
     > 1.1 - Lost Old Man (Knife [3])
     > 1.2 - Master needs his Bow (Bow [3])
     > 2.1 - The Strange Letter (Club [3])
     > 2.2 - Jur for Jeramiah (Jur [2])
     > 3.2 - Package Delivery (50 Red Herb)
     > 4.2 - Mystic Wizard (Rod [3])
     > 5.3 - Thinking First (50 Pet Food)
     > 6.1 - Package for thieves (50 Green Apple)
     > 6.3 - Special Delivery (50 Meat Veg Skewer)
     > 7.2 - Delivery (Axe [3])
     > 8.2 - Another Delivery (Falchion [3])
     > 9.1 - Smelly Box (50 Arrow)
     > 10.1 - The Blank Box (50 Silver Arrow)
  • Quincy Bow added to donation manager


  • Fixed description of Note Headphones

  • Aliot Card bonus for Ninja and Gunslinger Class

  • Fixed single strip requirement removal when target player is on chemical protection state

  • Fixed the usage of single chemical protection when target player doesn't have any equipment on certain equipment slot

  • Fixed Sage's Hocus Pocus skill not being used

  • Fixed Land Protector cannot be used by a player who are not within minimum PK-level range

  • Fixed Morocc map in town mode

  • Fixed Complete Break the Seal quests warps player to Freyja (valkyrie/sleipnir)

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Android and Xpro is currently down. We are waiting for their response as of now. We will update you all once they're both fixed. We apologize for the convinience

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can we bring back the spamable penance of jedi? it sucks to wait 1min after penance or die after penance. jedi is not that OP. what makes it OP last time was because of the parry hp bug. thank you

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Looks like it's going to take a while to fix andro just like darkro rebirth it's been 4months that's why I end up here now I'm going to start looking for another sever again and star over. 

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There's a chance that Xpro and Android won't be available anymore, just like other servers, xpro down then they'll tell us guys that they're fixing it. Then after a month or two, BOOM! TOTAL SERVER DOWN(still hoping this won't happen). 

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XPRO and AndRO is still available. They just need to update from our newest update with GOTM. We are still waiting for their response

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9 hours ago, Quinn said:

XPRO and AndRO is still available. They just need to update from our newest update with GOTM. We are still waiting for their response

That's good to know. 😊 Hoping to play again before lotti girl's appearance 

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Sorry for the late reply. Mobile is currently down because our server is being attacked (DDOS) thru mobile. We have escalated the issue to our mobile provider and they are working on it. Please bare with us.

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