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Release Notes | 01-27-2021

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Greetings Troopers!
New Year New Beginnings

Our server just keeps getting better and better so we thank you all for the support

On this patch, certain features from Ideas and Suggestions have been implemented,

Added changes and updates as well as some bug fixes

Here are the list of updated logs



  • Rotated Donation Manager's headgears
  • Donation Manager Promo enabled until February 03, 2021 - click this LINK for more information
  • Next Lotti Girl NPC will be visiting us next January 29, 2020 Friday at 10:00 and 22:00
    • Added Sith Hood and Darth Maul customized effect
    • Updated Lotti Headgears now convertible into costumes: disables the effect
  • Added new equipment headgear at Donation Manager
    • Dark Helm - A magical helm with a power fulminated around Dark Ragnarok Online. Int + 5 | Increases Magic Attack by 10% | increases SP Consumption by 40% |  Reduces damage taken from Demihuman monsters by 10% | Ignore MDEF of the enemy by 2% per refine
  • [GOTM] DarkRO: Siege Wars point system will be enabled starting February 17, 2021
    • DarkRO: Siege Wars information will be posted later on the month of February, prepare for now
  • Updated Sniper's Sharp Shooting now affected by Clown's Poem of Bragi
    • Updated Sniper's Sharp Shooting now at 1.5 sec delay (Without Poem of Bragi)
  • Updated Sniper's Sharpshooting damage will now be based on the distance of the caster and the target [BETA]
    • The farther the target, the lesser the damage dealt.
  • Updated Creator's Slim Potion Pitch's now affected by Bard's Poem of Bragi.
  • Increased Merchant classes cart weight to 10,000.
  • Added Rogue's Close Confine on ensnared lock.
  • Reduced Stalker's Chase Walk speed during Forget Me Not slow status.
  • Modified Warp-out upon Death duration on Bio Labs and Thanatos Tower from 5 minutes to 1 minute.
  • Removed Holiday Hats' effect
    • Holiday Hats are now convertible to costume
  • Disabled Champion's Absorp Spirits for non-PK state players.
  • Added @deltrain command
    • Option to remove or delete the training equips on inventory.
  • Added constant defending record display on WoE/KoE (via Guild Message).
  • Reduced Kakashi Headprotector's damage received from Water-property attacks from 50% to 30%.
  • Updated Payon @go 3 into its original spawn area
    • Added NPC Broadcaster


  • Fixed Spider Web into 1 cell and web's accurate hold
  • Disabled all Wedding skills on GvG maps
  • Disabled Credits on guild storage and cart.
  • Fixed KoE announcement of the last conqueror's guild
  • Disabled Guild Master Transfer during WOE and KOE time.
  • Disabled Guild Skills with Sage's Free Cast skill.
  • Disabled equip/unequip/use items during Champion's Blade Stop for both sides.
  • Disabled Butterfly Wing while being hit by another player.
    • Attacker and Target will not be able to use Butterfly Wing
    • Applicable only on PK areas; GvG maps excluded
  • Fixed @points all - now shows WoE and KoE points.
    • To redeem WoE and KoE pts you must type @npc guild every after WoE/KoE and click redeem
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