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Release Notes | 12-14-2020

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Greetings Troopers!

Holiday season comes on our way~
Are you ready for some exciting new holiday events?

Certain features has been implemented, added changes and updates as well as some bug fixes

Here are the list of updates logs



  • Disabled Icewall in Towns
  • Arrows are now disabled on Assassin class
  • Added Streamer Headgear on Costume Converter
  • Updated WOE 2-3 castles open
    • Sunday WOE 3 castles open
    • Saturday WOE 2 castles open
    • Wednesday WOE 2 castles open
  • Added Christmas-themed Invasion Event
  • Added Misa de Gallo Event
  • Added Christmas Carols Event
  • Added Antonio's Shop and Rudolph Event
    • Antonio's shop located at @go 7
  • Added Christmas Invasion


  • Fixed WOE Long Def Bug
  • Fixed High Wizard's Magic Power's skill description
    • Now takes effect to the next 5 skills cast
  • Modified checking of distance for Crusader's Devotion from target to caster
    • If the devoted player is out-of-range from the Crusader, the Devotion will break
  • Fixed infinite Endure bug
  • Fixed Arunafeltz Desert Sandwich critical bug
  • Fixed Broadcaster NPC bug
  • Fixed @npc Wrong Coordination
  • Gym Pass is now tradeable and droppable
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On 12/14/2020 at 7:17 PM, _Ocho said:

Ulfhedinn garment still not fixed? 


We'll look into it and fix if confirmed  next maintenance as it needs server reload

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