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Release Notes | 11-02-2020

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Greetings Troopers!

Your voices are important to us and so we took an action right away to update and implement your concerns

Here are the list of implemented updates



Game Updates


  • Added Jedi/Sith Job Change on Job Master NPC with requirements.
  • Added Ninja/Gunslinger Job Change on Job Master NPC.
  • Added Daily Treasure Token display when token point limit exceeds to 40.
  • Global Monster count rate respawn increased by 50%
  • Added Poring Jewels on Poring Family
  • Increase Baphomet Jr Spawn rate on prt_maze03
  • Added @npc psuedo to categorize the use of @npc
    • @npc general
    • @npc quest
    • @npc feature
  • Added Dark Porings in prt_fild05-06
  • Added Healer, Kafra, Warper in all Towns
  • Added Mall Vending Lane
  • Added Hokage Hat [0] Quest
    • @npc hokagehat
  • Added items at mall tool dealer (Ninja Talisman, Blue Potion, Fire Bottle, Bottle Grenade, and Cobweb)
  • Added headgears at Headgear NPC mall
  • Added Pet Shop NPC


Bugs and Fixes


  • All item packages like OBB/OPB/Gift Box/OCA now drops the item when inventory is full or overweight
  • Fixed High Wizard's Soul Drain when killing target with normal attack
  • Fixed Headprotector Quest Bug
    • Added checking for when score is greater than 7
  • Fixed Weapon Refine's checking for equipped items
  • Fixed Card Remover NPC
  • Arrow and other Ammunition will no longer consumed.
    • Arrow weight is now back to normal default.
  • Card-item granted drops increased by 100x
  • Removed Ifrit Rings from bloody branch Ifrit monster (Those who get the rings will be deleted)
  • Gold weight reduced from 20 to 0.1
  • Kobold Card Effect changes to +2 STR and Critical +4 (Instead of %)
  • Fixed Token Quest Bug which deletes the said requirements
  • Disabled Vending from Towns
  • Removed Cooldown Respawn on Loli Rori and The Paper monsters
    • Reverted
  • Fixed Sunglasses Protector Quest Bug so you won't get stuck anymore
  • Fixed Head Protector Quest Bug where it deletes your requirements without giving you the reward. Fixed
  • Updated White Butterfly Wing Quest requirements
  • Updated Gold Room Dialog and Dispel Sacri/Auto-cast/EDP upon entering


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  • Quinn changed the title to Release Notes | 11-02-2020
8 minutes ago, Mattiepatti91 said:

Vending is disabled in @go mall I'm talking with everyday currently he asked me to post about it



You have to be in line to be able to vend at @mall.

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Hi good PM admin can we request to add commands such as

@thq (we can easily access our existing quest)



Thanks more power to your server....

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