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  1. Hahahaha! Tarot is a magic attack? Hahahahahaha!
  2. No! Coma does not affect who wears GTB card (Default) back in any server, including force and Dispell (The High Priest) affect who wears GTB card (Default) in any server, including force. (The High Priest is different. Please don't compare it to prof's Dispell.)
  3. We think the only reason that you did this without doing any poll. So that most of the players will use LK job and CHAMPION job. This is not game balancing.
  4. The High Priest is by chance only compared to the prof's 100% sure dispel skill. Please check the photo on Tarot Card Of Fate. It's not a magic attack.
  5. This is not fair. You nerfed a job without having a poll about this? Bragi and Apple song cannot be used at the same time. This is not dark RO anymore. Please. Think twice.
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