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  4. Guild Name: Immortals Party Name: Immortals7vs7 Party leader: GaC | kimu | Sir bads
  5. Guild name: G-Cash Party name: TakeAllPT Party Leader: Bigas
  6. Guild Name: | Dream Team | Party Name: DreamTank Leader: Elizor / XO Tour Llif3 / H a k u
  7. Guild Name: Scripted Party Name: Warning Leader: SCR W e i n e R
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  9. If you have any suggestions and ideas please post it in our suggestion and ideas thread. Other suggestions that will be posted again here will be deleted. Please follow our forum rules. Thank you!
  10. Please post your suggestion in suggestion and ideas thread. Thank you!
  11. Please post your suggestion in suggestion and ideas thread. Thank you!
  12. Also can i suggest additional items like headgears convertible to costume in Supply Points? Thanks
  13. Greetings! We thank you all for the continuous support on our server. As 2021 started, we start a new beginning. And to thank you all we will have a fresh start of 2021. In that being said, we will be having a Donation Promo which runs from March 25, 2020 - April 08, 2021. Donation Promo: +30% Donation Coupon and Supply Points Gotcha Box I | High Enchant Orb Get a Free 1 Gotcha Box I on every $25 donation. Get the Gotcha Box I for a chance to get High Enchant Orb, New Donate Weapons, E.elu, E.ori, and many more! Donation Headgear Box | Ghostring Tall Hat Not only that, you will also get a Free 1 Donation Headgear Box on every $50 donation. This box contains all of the current headgear rotation and a chance to get the grand prize of limited edition costume Ghostring Tall Hat (the only costume with+1 all stats) Costume Coupon | Enriched Elunium | Enriched Oridecon In addition, for every 10$ you will get 1x Enriched Elunium and 1x Enriched Oridecon and for every 75$ you will get 3x Costume Coupons for free! Job Coupon And lastly, for every $100 donation you will get a Job Coupon Plus on every additional $50, you will get 1 additional Job Coupon that means $200 will give you 3 Job Coupons Again, we thank you all for the continues love and support!
  14. Job Showdown: Monk Edition Event will be moved next week March 26, 2021 - Friday. After Lotti Event
  15. Sorry for posting in wrong thread. I already posted it under the Suggestion section and I hope you would reconsider my suggestions for the Shield and Garment enchanting.
  16. All suggestions, please post it in suggestion forum thanks.
  17. We need at least 10 participants to push through today. Otherwise, Job Showdown: Monk Edition will be moved next week.
  18. Another suggestion for the Enchanting. Maybe we can also include to transfer the enchantment from v.parts to d.parts. As per checking with GM Mitsurugi simulation, it is not transferring from v.parts to d.parts. Hoping for approval. Thank you.
  19. Suggestion for the Echanting. It is quite unfair that the odds in getting the 3% demihuman resist in shield is really hard. The scroll cost 60 points each plus there are a lot of other racial choices that are added vs when enchanting a Helm where you will only choose Max HP or SP for 3% or Enchanting your Armor with for a Stat of 1-3 additional only. I hope you would reconsider this and redo the choices for shield enchanting. My suggestion would be Demi-human resist 1-3% vs Reflect Physical and Magic damage 1-3% And also for the Garment instead of all elements are the choices make it Neutral Resist 1-3% vs All Resist except Neutral 1-3%
  20. Is golden wrench a 1 hand or 2 hand axe?
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