Online Players : 240

Dark Ragnarok Online presents to you...

Our professional, well-trained, experienced, and guaranteed unbiased Staff team.

Dark Ragnarok Online consists of individuals with great experience with the World of Ragnarok Online joined force from different countries around the world. Dark Ragnarok Online staff team are guaranteed unbiased, well-trained, and professional.

We, the staff team worked hard to build this enormous server with the most possible balanced jobs, skills and equipment for the players to enjoy the world of Ragnarok Online. We respect and love our players unconditionally and promise to give only our very best on this server so we expect the same from you.


The owner and founder of Dark Ragnarok Online. Administrator also trains all the future staff.



I am Quinn, a fan of Star Wars and Ragnarok Online. I started playing Ragnarok back in 2001. I am a professional who fell in love in the world of Ragnarok Online. I played several servers and played as game master on certain servers as well. I played several servers yet I was unsatisfied so I decided to make my own server this time, and so I proudly present to you our masterpiece, the Dark Ragnarok Online.


Engineers are the developers of this server. They exploit bugs, new features, updates, balances the server, balances jobs, balances the skills and many more. Engineers focus on technical parts of the server and handle the implementation of new features and suggestions.



You can call me GM Yuky and we could be friends! I am an easy-going Engineer. Got technical problems? I got you :). I’ve been working on Ragnarok Online for years now, and this time I assure you that this server is the best I handled before. Let me know if you have any questions about the server and I’ll help you to the best of my ability.



Hello there! Bug exploits? Got new ideas? I’m all ears! I am GM Azumi and my specialty is bug exploits. I’ve been in the Ragnarok industry since 2003 and I fell inlove to Ragnarok since then. I started learning technical stuff (coding, scripting) about Ragnarok and pursued it as my career. I am excited to bring the best of my power in building this server.

Head Game Masters

Head Game Masters are the one who handles and faces the players. They also train and supervise the Game Masters. Head Game Masters consist of: Head Streamer Game Master, Chief Enforcer Game Master, and Events Head Game Master.


Head Streamer Game Master

I am Frosch, an aspiring streamer and player. Online games are part of my youth until now. Ragnarok online launched here in the Philippines 17 years ago, I am 14 years old that time, from then we really can't just stop hook by it. For us, Ragnarok is a place where we can enjoy an online role-playing video game, meet new friends, and eventually the bond will become family. Let's bring back the good old days, shall we? Welcome to Dark Ragnarok Online.


Chief Enforcer Game Master

They call me Everyday, because you’ll gonna want me by your side everyday :) Ha! I’m just kidding. But anyway I, also, used to be a Ragnarok owner before. It lasted about 2 years and unfortunately tragedy happened (personally). Now that I am back, I am willing to devote myself on this server and use the experiences I had to maintain the stability of this server. I do not play as a normal character player; I fully devote myself as a Chief Enforcer GM. And I pledge to remain unbiased at all costs for the sake of our server. With me the law remains stabilized and the server leaves at ease.

Game Masters

Game Masters also handles and faces the players. They are divided into groups: the Enforcer and Event Coordinator. Enforcer handles the law and orders of the server while the Event Coordinator handles the events and fun part of the server.


Event Coordinator

Greetings! You can call me GM Niklaus, the boy next door lol. I love Ragnarok and just like my co-staffs, I also pursued this as my career. Being a Game Master has always been my position to other servers giving them the highest quality, creative and newest smooth events. If you ever need help, call me and I’ll be there for you! I play the game, but I play no heart ;)



I am GM Harley, a long time Ragnarok player as well. I started as a player then after years of playing I became a Game Master on a server. I experienced different scenarios and problems on that server and I wanted to share what I learned from there to this server. Being part of this server gives me chills knowing that this server got so much potential. I also do not play normal character player, I serve as a full time Enforcer of this server so if you catch any law breakers just call me!