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Enjoy the fun and exciting Star Wars-themed Ragnarok experience here at Dark Ragnarok Online.

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Follow the path and walk through the world of Ragnarok.
Once you reach the door, unlock it with the key of courage and compassion.
Beyond it, is a world of darkness…
A darkness with no sound and no sight.
Other senses were overpowered from the blood bath with the sense of smell.
There you’ll unravel the astonishing truth behind Ragnarok.
You will see some force-wielder men who thirst for world domination.
Here then, you are moving to a world of both darkness and substance of things to attune the power of Force, the Dark Ragnarok Online.

Unleash the Force Within
Let’s relive the original DarkRO Force gameplay only here at Dark Ragnarok Online.

To the Circle of Fire;
Those who have gone before,
Those who are present,
And those who have yet to come.

Emperium Conquerors