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Getting To Know Dark Ragnarok Online...

Dark Ragnarok Online is a high-rate private server which was derived from the original DarkRO Force server back in 2005. This server is not a continuation nor a replication but rather a server that is improved with high quality, high class features and functions with a touch of custom DarkRO gameplay. We offer the most balanced jobs, skills, and items only here at Dark Ragnarok Online.

Server Information

Episode 13.2 Pre-Renewal
Max Level 255/100
Max Stats 255
Max ASPD 197
Max Zeny 2,000,000,000

EXP and Drop Rates

Base & Job 10,000x/10,000x
Item Drop 1,000x
Normal Card Drop 10.00%
Boss Card Drop 5.00%
Rare Card Drop 0.10% ~ 0.50%

Custom Features

In that being said, this server has a unique Star Wars theme with custom jobs like Padawan, Jedi and Sith. Multiple headgears, equipment, items and cards are also customized with not just Star Wars but also Naruto gears! Isn’t that exciting? But wait, there’s more! We also offer 2nd Transcendent classes, new achievement functions, custom new quests and NPCs. So join us to unravel tons of new quests and NPCs that you’ll only see here at Dark Ragnarok Online!

Achievement System Achievement is a new function that gives tons of usable items. Each achievement/goal must be fulfilled in order for you to get certain rewards.
Daily Rewards We also offer our newest daily reward. All you have to do is login everyday and claim you rewards!
Featured NPCs and Quests
Break The Seal Quest Serves as the main quest to make the divine Valkyrie Set, a set in which serves to be this server’s main equipment.
Treasure Hunter Quest A custom quest for hunters to build and earn strong equipment for battle.
World Boss Monster and
Wave Instance Dungeon
A NEW and EXCITING customized NPC event that you’ll only see in this server for the first time!

Also expect more upcoming new quests like these for our future updates!


Dark Ragnarok Online is a high rate private server with a touch of Star Wars theme; light vs. dark, Sith vs Jedi, very powerful jobs which invaded the world of Ragnarok Online. We are proud to say that this server has the most balanced jobs, skills, and items. Furthermore, this server has a 10,000x Base Rate, 10,000x Job Rate, and 1,000x Drop Rate. Normal cards’ rate, MVP cards’ rate 5% and Rare cards’ rate (0.10% to 0.50%).


Dark Ragnarok Online follows the “Coin System”. Event coins will be the main prizes for all events in order for the players to earn rare and lighthalzen cards. We also offer multiple new innovative events along with the automated events which gives a taste of excitement and enjoyment to the players.

War of Emperium

Prepare for the battle of the guilds with the most and only balanced Ragnarok Online high rate server you will ever see! High quality client installed along with the fastest and highest quality protections, not to mention our experienced and well trained professional staff members! So expect the smoothest and balanced WoE only here at Dark Ragnarok Online!